Make Money Online From Advertising revenue From your Website

If you have a website with visitors you can make substantial revenue from it by displaying context sensitive advertisement. If you don't have a website, no problem. Just keep reading this site. You can build a one easily.The topic we are going to discuss is popularly known as PPC or pay per click advertising. You will get paid for each and every click your ads receive from your visitors. 

What is PPC advertising?
Advertisers make money by receiving visitors to their sales pages and websites and you are selling the space in your website to place their ads and transferring your visitors to their websites. 

How it works?

Visitors arriving to your website for a particular nature information, you are displaying ads related to the content of the page. If the visitor got interested in the ads displayed, he clicks and visits the advertiser’s website and the advertisers get benefit by converting that visit into sale. He pays the PPC program that offers that ad and the PPC program pays you per click. Thus it is a successful campaign for all the four (You, PPC program, Your visitor and the advertiser).

How can you implement it in your websites?

It is always free join these PPC programs and they will present you with various ad formats and the code for executing that formats. You then have to paste that (java script) code anywhere between the tags of your website. Depending upon the keywords of that page, relavant ads are displayed in that page matching its content.

What are the programs available and profitable?

There are a huge number of programs available for you starting from 
Google’s Adsense. Some of those are,

YPN(yahoo publisher network),
payads etc.

There is also a modern trend arises named “Audio ads” and “Video ads” where you are getting paid per audio ad heard and per video ad displayed.

Which is the Best?

Without any doubt, Google Adsense is the best of all the available advertising campaigns in the Internet. Only with adsense you can display most context sensitive ads and it is the one which is paying you high per click when compared to others.

This site also recommends Adsense. View detailed information about, “How to create a website" , "bringing in visitors" and "SEO" in other sections of this website.