Make Money Online by Website Content Writing

Content Writing :

The most effective and interesting of all the money making ideas is the content writing or article writing to be reused to create websites. Whatever web building and marketing techniques one adapts, the back bone behind a successful website is always the “content”. That is why it is very popular in the webmaster world, “Content Is The King”.

Why a content writer required?

Everybody has different views and thoughts and knowledge about different thins. But not everyone can transfer it into successful content or well clarified and well presented
sentences. Only a few have the ability to write attractive content which drives visitors to a website.

If you possess excellent grammatical skills and vocabulary in English, then you can be a powerful and efficient content writer.

There are a lot of websites and companies available in the web who are hiring for content writers.

Some of them buying your content, some pays you an hourly rate, some shares their advertising revenue using your content along with you.

There are also websites where freelance writing projects are being posted and one can undertake a project and complete it and get paid on merit. 

Tips for success - When writing for the web:

* Always use shorter sentences, words and paragraphs.
* Always use simple words to clarify and for the content to each even the less efficient reader.
* Establish one idea per paragraph
* Express the matter concisely than writing for press or for print.
* The inverted pyramid style, putting the most important point or the conclusion first. 
* Objective language to build credibility, by using words like "reliable", "nice" rather than exaggerated claims or overly promotional words like "great", "tremendous", "marvelous" etc.
* Use bulleted lists to hammer out the important points.
* Highlight the text, sentences and Hyperlinks wherever necessary for scanability.
* Use headings and subheadings to split the content which makes it more meaningful.

Things to remember - When writing for the web:

* Reading on the web using a computer is too much work when compared to reading a book.
* Readers of the web scans text more than reading it word by word.
* Website readers are very impatient. If they didn’t find the content what they are searching for at a first look, then they may skip the whole website.
* Keep the reader interested until the entire idea has been clarified.
* Don’t overload the information. Keep it concise and well presented to save the time of the reader.  

Content writing is realy an art and you will get expertised as you continue writing more Good luck.