How to Create a Monetary Website

It is most obvious that a person having a website with visitors can make money. But here we are going to see the basic things about websites, creating websites, advertising, content building and receiving traffic.

The following are the basic things one should know about websites and money making.

What is a Domain Name?

Domain name is the uniform and unique name given to a website which is to be registered with a registrar. You can’t register a website under a domain name which is already exists. Your domain name should be unique and you should
have to pay to keep it in you name, monthly, quarterly or annually until you own that domain name. This is often referred as url (uniform resource locator). E.g.: "". Hint: Don’t choose "" as your domain name. Choose a domain name with relevance to your site content.

What is web hosting?

A web host is an online server possessor who gives place to keep your website files online as you can’t operate your website from your computer. The web host hosts your files and serves to the visitors when asked by them by pointing out your domain name.

Types of web hosting available online:

Paid hosting : For this type of hosting you have to pay the host monthly, quarterly (or) annualy for providing space in their servers to keep your files online and serving them when queried by a visitor. This is the best choice.

Free hosting : There are a lot of web hosts available online who provides you hosting of your website free of cost. Some of those provides you with a free sub domain. E.g.:"". (or) "".

Disadvantages of free hosting:

Free hosts often put their advertisements with your website.
There may be downtime(your site is not accessible for a certain period during a months time) for  hours. There is no guaranteed uptime.
Some hosts not agree with you to use your own domain name. Sub domain doesn’t looks attractive.
It might be available free only for a limited period.
So it is much wiser to choose a paid host.

Content is the King:

Your website may be of any number of pages or about any topic. The important thing is the content should more unique and interesting content will bring repetitive visitors to you website. Create content wisely and it should be interesting and searchable by most people in search engines. Write more and precisely. View about website content writing portion of this website to create interesting content.

Designing a website :

* Pay more attention towards your sites design. 
* Keep its look very simple and make it loading fastly in your visitor's browser .
* Don’t use images and graphics unless it is required. It will get your page loading slowly.
* Use colours wisely to give it a professional look.
* If you are not familiar with html, php or any website programming language, no problem. There are a lot of WYSIWYG website editors available free in the internet by using which you can make a website as you are dealing with a word file or DTP application. You may use Ms Frontpage or Adobe dreamweaver.
* Use the numerous free pre-designed website templates available for you in the web.
* Make sure the design of your website expose the content of your website clearly.
* Design your website in a manner that navigation amongst the pages is easy.
* After creating your website with the help of your computer, you have to upload all your websites’s files to your web host’s server. Make the title or name of your website’s home page file as index.html or index.htm, to make your website visible for the rest of the world. Now when a visitor types the domain name or url of your website in his browser’s address bar, your website start loading and your thoughts and ideas are getting exposed for the internet’s viewers or netizens to be used.

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