How to Bring Traffic to your website

Many newbie webmasters belive, creating website and uploading it will make it visible to the world. This is absolutely idiotic. There is a lot of processes and hard work involved in bringing traffic to your websites. A website without visitors means nothing and it just simply sits in the server and not works for you to make money. Traffic is what for which each and every webmaster and even the internet gurus are searching, investing and mesmerizing. Here the ways to bring traffic to your website are explained. But it is up to the amount of time and hard work you are employing which will bring you the success.

Remember, If You own a website with traffic, then making money becomes as easy as 1-2-3.

Methods of generating traffic to your site: 

* Search Engines.
* Article marketing.
* Paid Advertising.
* Link Exchange.
* Social Book marking websites.
* Email marketing which involves list building.
* Rss or Wss feeds.
* Auto surfing Traffic Exchanges.
* Paid to click programs.
We will see later how to bring traffic from search engines as it was the most difficult and very effective method to employ with. Let us see about other methods.

Article marketing:

This process involves lot of writing and submitting. But on of the very effective methods to generate traffic. Write numerous articles in relevance to your site’s content and submit them to the huge number of article directories available in the internet. These article directories allow you to place a resource box below the content of your article where you can place an incoming link to your website. By virtue of that link your website not only receives numerous visits but, it brings targeted visitors to your site as the article posted contains content which matches the content of your site.

Paid Advertising:

You may bring targeted visitors by advertising your site in search engines in programs such as google adwords, yahoo search marketing etc. which is an expensive way to generate traffic. Unless you belive that, your site brings you that much of income which is more than the amount spend for a visitor, you should not attempt this. You may also use  other PPC(pay per click) advertising campaigns such as adbrite, clixsor, kontera, bidvertiser etc.

Link exchange:

You may exchange your links with other popular websites by placing their link in your website as this will be a process of exchanging traffic. There are many link exchange programs being a mediator between websites which arranges this link exchanges.

Social Book marking websites:

Submit your site to high traffic social book marking websites such as digg, stumble upon, delicious, furl etc. in which if your site is receiving a lot of votes by its visitors and if many visitors bookmarks your site, then you will get maximum exposure and by virtue of which you gain enormous amount of traffic back to your website.

Email marketing and Rss feeds:

Build your marketing list by keeping a box on your website to make the visitors subscribe for your free newsletter. You may also ask the visitors to subscribe to your Rss feed to keep them informed about your further marketing products and your newly launched websites. But unless you have already brought traffic and your content is attractive, it is impossible to make them subscribe.

Traffic exchanges:

Here you are exchanging traffic by joining a traffic exchange program  in which you get the number of visits from other webmasters or websites owner equal to or in proportion to the amount of websites you visit daily in exchange. This is very less effective and almost impossible to bring targeted traffic unless your website’s content is webmaster and website related.

Paid to Click & surf:

There are a few programs available in the internet to bring traffic by paying the visitors for every website visit. This is the very least effective of all, but works sometimes. In my opinion, investing on such programs is a mere waste of money.

View Search Engine and traffic portion of this website to learn how to promote you site in search engines which is the very effective method of all which brings organic and most targeted traffic from search results and which involves a lot of technical issues.