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Do you love your day job? Great if you do. But the answer from most of us will be No. Why? What makes people to hate their day job?

* Monotonous nature of their job. Carrying on the same job routines again and again.
* Very less space for innovation and creativity.
* Always paying less in comparison with the amount of hard work employed.
* No time to spend with their family and kids.
* Less time working and spending more time answering their boss.

Possibly some or all of these reasons make people to feel, that their job is not interesting any more.

Is there any relief or remedy? Luckily, Yes there is.

There is new form of employment emerging now-a-days called "
Working From Home" or "Work At Home".

What are the job qualifications required?

Absolutely nothing more than a bit of basic computer knowledge and a working internet connection.

What working from home offers you?

* Definitly a better payout than your day job.
* Flexible working time.
* You are your own boss.
* There is a lot of space for employing whatever the skills you have.

The following are simple but surefire ways to earn from home using internet:

Paid Online Surveys 
For-ex Trading
Advertising Revenue
Creating a website
Website Traffic
Search Engine Optimization
Website Content Writing
Online Medical Transcription
Selling on Ebay
Undertaking online projects
Online Photo Editing
Data Entry Programs

Learn further how to use these programs for your prospective earnings by navigating thoughout this blog.

Making Money Online with Photography and Editing

Are you a person with excellent photography techniques? Are you an expert in editing photos for clarity and image transformation? Do you have excellent graphics and other multimedia designing capabilities? Are you an expert in doing all the above things with innovative ideas? Then you can convert your talents into money using internet. 

* You can create your online store to sell your art works and photographs.
* You can create Photoshop brushes which are used with that famous adobe’s application and then * * you can sell it at software downloading websites.
* There are online photoediting shops where people upload their photos and get them back designed and edited properly to experience a professional look. You can join them.
* There are a few websites hiring photo editors and multimedia professionals to work as a freelancer.
* You can participate in many online contests for best photographs using your stock photos.
* You can sell your very rare and great looking stock photos to be used in websites.
* You can earn by designing web page backgrounds and by selling photoshop plugins created by you.

There are huge range of opportunities available for photo editor or a photographer or a multimedia designer.

Make Money Online by Data Entry

Data Entry – The word most of the internet online job searchers where searching for. Being a person having the basic computer skills and reasonable typing speed, its one’s dream to have such a job as a part time work is a nice option.

But, remember this is the word most of the online scams use to cheat people. These are popularly known as 
DATA ENTRY SCAMS. They will demand you a good payment to join and then use your time to further promoting this programs and cheat more people with the help of your work. The most harder part of it is, you will never get paid.

How to distinguish between these scams and real Data Entry Programs? 

* If a program promises to give a huge money for easy and one or two hours a day work, then it is doubtlessly a scam.
* Most popular words used by this scams are, email reading job, ad posting job, form filling, email responding, telephone responding etc.
* Normal and good data entry programs do not choose you without receiving your resume and at least an interview by means of a messenger service will be taken.
* With out work and its worth , nobody can make money in the world. 
* So, it is a good practice to contact a BPO near by your residence and register yourself to work for contract. Then you will not be cheated.

There are some reliable programs available in the internet. But before joining any program, ask the following questions in your mind:

* You are going to Work, and they are the one to Pay, then why you have to pay them any?
* Data Entry Jobs – What is the real need of hiring a person to process data which has already been Typed, Formatted, and presented to you as the source of your work?
* Get Rich Scams – If they can make you a Millionaire in just months, then they should already be Millionaires using that program. Then what is the real need for them to advertise and contact another one like you?
* Form Filling Jobs – If the forms are that easy to be processed, then they may have that work done by appointing a few employees which is cheaper than paying you Dollars to fill out each form.
* Pay per click and paying to view advertisements – Will making a person clicking and viewing ads create ‘targeted and potential customers’ to a concern? Then how will they get benefited? And how will you get the maximum out of such a doubtful program?

These are only a few of enormous amount of tricks scammers are employing now in today’s internet. The irony is, people once got scammed and losing money, become an addict and employing more in further scams in hope of retrieving at least a few back.

Say you one thing before conclusion, Use internet as an abundant source of knowledge. You can learn here as much as you could, but you no need to learn lessons from being victims of scams.

Normally, data entry involves working with some off shore companies. You may join as a virtual assistant for a reliable company who works remotely and responding telephone calls and emails, issuing newsletters and information on time. This is a better option than searching for data entry. Also, online call centers are the good options.

Make Money Online by Undertaking Online Projects

There are a lot of good web sites available which are being the mediator between the professionals and employers. You really need some unique skills such as programming, web designing, photo editing, copy writing etc. to succeed make money using these.

How it works?

There are a lot of programs or websites existing which are hiring freelancers on behalf of the employers.

Job Buyers: Job Buyers are the one who is provider of the job and for whom the work is going to be done. 

Job Sellers: People choose and performing the required action to complete the requirements of a job or project is the job seller.You should have knowledge or skills in computer programing, data processing, telecommunication, copy writing etc. to be an effective job seller.

These websites make job buyers and sellers communicate with one another and will earn a commission from one or both the parties. The transfer of the completed project and the money will be normally done with that mediator website taking the responsibility. So, its safe for both the parties to work with them.

Biding on projects: 

Usually, a buyer post the job with all its specifications in the website and the job sellers who are interested and capable of completing it will bid for the project. Its buyers liability to choose a job seller depending upon the lowest bid or upon the precious activities of the sellers recorded at the website.

What are the good practices to win a bid?

* Always write a good cover letter along with your bid. Don’t write as you formally write your job application. Briefly describe why you are the right person to handle that project.
* Offer example projects you have already completed in relevance to the nature of the job posted to win the confidence of the buyer. You may also provide a sample work, if you are a newbie at that website.
* Offer a part of work provided done and present it before the buyer for evaluation. If he likes your way of doing, then your bid will win easily.
* Don’t offer so low bids to attract the buyer. They are not only interested in lowering the budget but also will look forward to get the project completed effectively. Lowering the bid to the bottom will also reduce your importance.
* Keep visiting the website frequently and use the allowed project to bid everyday to gain more exposure.
* Don’t accept projects and then leave it incomplete. It will reduce your rank or it will provide you with a poor job history.

Normally, there are two types of options for the job sellers to join these websites. One is free registration and and another one is a premium one where you have to pay a small fee. Its no matter paying them to get maximum exposures for your profile which avails you more projects than a free member.

How to Make Money Using Ebay

What is ebay?

Ebay is an online market place where a lot of people buying and selling things every day. It has about 40000 new visitors every day and a turn over estimated around trillions. It is growing every day. Regardless of the nature and worth of a product or a substance one can sell it in ebay. According to the ebay users there is always a buyer waiting for anything you sell at ebay.

The things which don’t have no use for you may be an essential thing for another. This is the static principle behind the idea of selling on Ebay.

What is the cost involved in start selling as an ebay entrepreneur?

The cost involved in start selling at ebay is next to nothing. You are not required pay anything to join ebay as ebay account is a free to join account. The costs may be associated with advertising your product on ebay searches, that may also be added to the selling price of  the product your are selling and you have to pay those after your product has been sold. 

What are the things one can sell on ebay?

* Start with things which you don’t use (or) the things which you think waste or useless.
* Buying goods on wholesale and you can then sell it at a profit.
* Things available at a low price in bulk can be bought and sold individually.
* Visit online auction sites and retail shops available in the web and then resell them at ebay.
* Put you ideas and thoughts about a particular field of expertise into a ebook and sell it.
* You can decide to buy things at ebay and then start your selling by advertising it at a profit. If you are informed at the time of an order or sales, then you can buy the same on ebay and handle it for sale.
* There are many softwares and ebooks available with resalable rights.

Things to remember: 

* Decide yourself the kind  of thing to sell and ask your mind if you as a consumer buy that or not.
* Don’t fix a high rate for your things compared with other competitive sellers.
* Fix a reasonable rate and also advertise using good techniques which are available at ebay.
* Present your product in a better manner.
* If there is a lot of biding on your product then reconsider the rate estimated for it.
* Determine the rate after taking into mind the cost associated with advertising and shipping of the product.

The most important advantage in selling at ebay is you can keep your product with you until it has been sold. 

Ebay is a wonderful opportunity for a new entrepreneur to create his home business. Good luck for your fortunes.

Make Money Online by Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription popularly known as MT is an allied health profession which involves transcription or converting voice into typed data in words. Which means converting into written form the dictations by the physicians and other healthcare professionals regarding patient assessment, workup, therapeutic procedures, clinical course, diagnosis, prognosis etc. in order to document patient care and facilitate healthcare services.

Who is a transcriptionist?

A Medical Transcriptionist is a person who is a specialist in medical language who with the help of electronic equipments like a computer, speakers or headphones, and some word processing software convert the the data in the form of voice or audio into electronic data in the form of words. This process then needs a person to proof read the data for grammatical errors and clarity.

The so recorded data is useful in further following up of the patients and in medical claims such as health insurance.

What is the need for a Medical Transcriptionist?

Doctors or Physicians need to keep record of patients concerning the case study, prescribed medicines, details of diagnosis,  analyzed health condition and improvements in written form for future reference and for the purpose of keeping these as records. But due the increase in number of patients a doctor attends in a day and due to hard pressed nature of their job, they can’t sit and write al those records themselves. So, there arises the need for a data processor called a transcriptionist to carryout the duty of converting the voice record of the doctors into written format.

Medical transcription has become a fast growing earning opportunity and it is now available worldwide. 

What are the essentials to carry on a successful Medical Transcription career?

* To be said frankly, there is no formal standard for a person to carry on Medical Transcription.
* One needs the skills to efficiently understand the compressed data in audio format and converting into words.
* Excellent grammatical skills and knowledge over the language applying is very much important.
* Most of the companies providing the compensation as hourly rates and hence one needs excellent typing skills too. But typing speed increases by virtue of working.
* As all typing careers, this field also is one where accuracy in data processing is very much important.
* One needs to improve knowledge over medical terms and medicines very essential. But this can be achieved by joining one of the huge number of websites available, which are providing training to the Medical Transcriptionists.
* One can use some of the medical transcription software available for carrying out this job, which provides both speed and accuracy.

Not here it is necessary to mention a high speed ‘Internet Connection’ is must.

The real advantage with Medical Transcription is, anyone can do it as a part time job and it is easy to learn too. Good luck for your MT career.

Make Money Online by Website Content Writing

Content Writing :

The most effective and interesting of all the money making ideas is the content writing or article writing to be reused to create websites. Whatever web building and marketing techniques one adapts, the back bone behind a successful website is always the “content”. That is why it is very popular in the webmaster world, “Content Is The King”.

Why a content writer required?

Everybody has different views and thoughts and knowledge about different thins. But not everyone can transfer it into successful content or well clarified and well presented
sentences. Only a few have the ability to write attractive content which drives visitors to a website.

If you possess excellent grammatical skills and vocabulary in English, then you can be a powerful and efficient content writer.

There are a lot of websites and companies available in the web who are hiring for content writers.

Some of them buying your content, some pays you an hourly rate, some shares their advertising revenue using your content along with you.

There are also websites where freelance writing projects are being posted and one can undertake a project and complete it and get paid on merit. 

Tips for success - When writing for the web:

* Always use shorter sentences, words and paragraphs.
* Always use simple words to clarify and for the content to each even the less efficient reader.
* Establish one idea per paragraph
* Express the matter concisely than writing for press or for print.
* The inverted pyramid style, putting the most important point or the conclusion first. 
* Objective language to build credibility, by using words like "reliable", "nice" rather than exaggerated claims or overly promotional words like "great", "tremendous", "marvelous" etc.
* Use bulleted lists to hammer out the important points.
* Highlight the text, sentences and Hyperlinks wherever necessary for scanability.
* Use headings and subheadings to split the content which makes it more meaningful.

Things to remember - When writing for the web:

* Reading on the web using a computer is too much work when compared to reading a book.
* Readers of the web scans text more than reading it word by word.
* Website readers are very impatient. If they didn’t find the content what they are searching for at a first look, then they may skip the whole website.
* Keep the reader interested until the entire idea has been clarified.
* Don’t overload the information. Keep it concise and well presented to save the time of the reader.  

Content writing is realy an art and you will get expertised as you continue writing more Good luck.

Promoting Website and Search Engine Optimization

Traffic from search engines is the most targeted and most effective one for any website. This process starts right from the designing process of your website. Here we are going to analyze in detail about the process of getting your site visible in top ten or top search results for a visitors query on a particular keyword.


First learn “what is a keyword?”. A keyword is a word or phrase which a usual internet searcher uses to find information by typing it in the search bar of a search engine. For your site to get listed and visible in search results for a particular keyword it is necessary to insert that keyword
between the Meta tags at the top of a page’s source. Make an analysis over the topic to which your site has been referring to and the top searched keywords for that topic in the top search engines and then build a list of keywords to be inserted into your Meta tags.

What is a search engine?

Search engine is a website or an internet mediator which has a directory of websites submitted and which displays the list of results to be viewed by a visitor for a particular keyword query. Google and Yahoo are the top two search engines in the internet as per the amount of users. There are other search engines such as MSN search,, Yzoo etc. which depends mostly on the top two for their results.

For a site to get more visitors a day, it has to be listed in the top page results of a search engines.

How search engines find your site?

Search engines have crawlers which is a software program implemented within their servers. These crawlers frequently search the web for new websites and added pages in an existing website and index them.

How do You add Your site to search engines?

You have to submit your site to search engines individually to make them crawl and index your web pages. It takes time for search engines to index your pages depending upon the submissions waiting. You may speed up this process by submitting a sitemap along with your site submission. You have to submit your site to search engines individually to make them crawl and index your web pages. It takes time for search engines to index your pages depending upon the submissions waiting. You may speed up this process by submitting a sitemap along with your site submission.  

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a document which contains the list of pages present in your website and it helps a search engine to index a website quickly and promptly.

How to get top listed in search results?

This is the question even the top webmasters and even the internet gurus are striving hard to get an answer for. Search engines like google and yahoo decides the important of a website by the popularity it has by the number of quality inward back links( click and visitable live link which points to your site) a website has from other high pr sites similar in content with yours. By virtue of these quality back links, a website gains a rank from search results which is popularly known as page rank or web rank. Google has been the number one search engine and hence weight of a website is measured in google page rank.

What is page rank?

Page rank popularly known as PR is a number from 0 to 9 given by search engines depending upon the number of quality back links a website has from websites with higher page ranks and which are having the content matching your website. Higher the page rank, better for your website.

How to improve page rank?

To improve page rank you have to carry on a tedious hard working and time consuming process. Here it is simplified for you to get started : 

* Submit your website to all the available and possible search engines in the internet.
* Submit your site to internet directories which are having a huge list of websites and also having a good page rank in search engines. You may search and find a huge number of those in the web. It takes a considerable time for your website to get listed in these directories.
* Create articles relevant to the content of your website and submit those to the number of high page ranked article directories available in the internet. These article directories bring you both page rank and traffic.
* Start threads and posts in high page ranked forums and leave a link to your site as your signature while answering questions in the forums.
* Comment on blog posts which suits your sites content and leave a link to your site there. But pay more care about their Pr too.
* Submit your site to high PR social book marking websites such as dig, delicious, stumble upn, furl, reddit etc, which gives both back link and traffic.
* Post your link anywhere possible but remember it should be in a place of quality.

Search engines update your back links periodically and one day you will see your site receiving a good PR and enormous amount of traffic from top search engine results.

Learn how to convert this page rank and traffic into cash from the Advertising revenue and Affiliate Marketing sections of this website.

How to Bring Traffic to your website

Many newbie webmasters belive, creating website and uploading it will make it visible to the world. This is absolutely idiotic. There is a lot of processes and hard work involved in bringing traffic to your websites. A website without visitors means nothing and it just simply sits in the server and not works for you to make money. Traffic is what for which each and every webmaster and even the internet gurus are searching, investing and mesmerizing. Here the ways to bring traffic to your website are explained. But it is up to the amount of time and hard work you are employing which will bring you the success.

Remember, If You own a website with traffic, then making money becomes as easy as 1-2-3.

Methods of generating traffic to your site: 

* Search Engines.
* Article marketing.
* Paid Advertising.
* Link Exchange.
* Social Book marking websites.
* Email marketing which involves list building.
* Rss or Wss feeds.
* Auto surfing Traffic Exchanges.
* Paid to click programs.
We will see later how to bring traffic from search engines as it was the most difficult and very effective method to employ with. Let us see about other methods.

Article marketing:

This process involves lot of writing and submitting. But on of the very effective methods to generate traffic. Write numerous articles in relevance to your site’s content and submit them to the huge number of article directories available in the internet. These article directories allow you to place a resource box below the content of your article where you can place an incoming link to your website. By virtue of that link your website not only receives numerous visits but, it brings targeted visitors to your site as the article posted contains content which matches the content of your site.

Paid Advertising:

You may bring targeted visitors by advertising your site in search engines in programs such as google adwords, yahoo search marketing etc. which is an expensive way to generate traffic. Unless you belive that, your site brings you that much of income which is more than the amount spend for a visitor, you should not attempt this. You may also use  other PPC(pay per click) advertising campaigns such as adbrite, clixsor, kontera, bidvertiser etc.

Link exchange:

You may exchange your links with other popular websites by placing their link in your website as this will be a process of exchanging traffic. There are many link exchange programs being a mediator between websites which arranges this link exchanges.

Social Book marking websites:

Submit your site to high traffic social book marking websites such as digg, stumble upon, delicious, furl etc. in which if your site is receiving a lot of votes by its visitors and if many visitors bookmarks your site, then you will get maximum exposure and by virtue of which you gain enormous amount of traffic back to your website.

Email marketing and Rss feeds:

Build your marketing list by keeping a box on your website to make the visitors subscribe for your free newsletter. You may also ask the visitors to subscribe to your Rss feed to keep them informed about your further marketing products and your newly launched websites. But unless you have already brought traffic and your content is attractive, it is impossible to make them subscribe.

Traffic exchanges:

Here you are exchanging traffic by joining a traffic exchange program  in which you get the number of visits from other webmasters or websites owner equal to or in proportion to the amount of websites you visit daily in exchange. This is very less effective and almost impossible to bring targeted traffic unless your website’s content is webmaster and website related.

Paid to Click & surf:

There are a few programs available in the internet to bring traffic by paying the visitors for every website visit. This is the very least effective of all, but works sometimes. In my opinion, investing on such programs is a mere waste of money.

View Search Engine and traffic portion of this website to learn how to promote you site in search engines which is the very effective method of all which brings organic and most targeted traffic from search results and which involves a lot of technical issues.

How to Create a Monetary Website

It is most obvious that a person having a website with visitors can make money. But here we are going to see the basic things about websites, creating websites, advertising, content building and receiving traffic.

The following are the basic things one should know about websites and money making.

What is a Domain Name?

Domain name is the uniform and unique name given to a website which is to be registered with a registrar. You can’t register a website under a domain name which is already exists. Your domain name should be unique and you should
have to pay to keep it in you name, monthly, quarterly or annually until you own that domain name. This is often referred as url (uniform resource locator). E.g.: "". Hint: Don’t choose "" as your domain name. Choose a domain name with relevance to your site content.

What is web hosting?

A web host is an online server possessor who gives place to keep your website files online as you can’t operate your website from your computer. The web host hosts your files and serves to the visitors when asked by them by pointing out your domain name.

Types of web hosting available online:

Paid hosting : For this type of hosting you have to pay the host monthly, quarterly (or) annualy for providing space in their servers to keep your files online and serving them when queried by a visitor. This is the best choice.

Free hosting : There are a lot of web hosts available online who provides you hosting of your website free of cost. Some of those provides you with a free sub domain. E.g.:"". (or) "".

Disadvantages of free hosting:

Free hosts often put their advertisements with your website.
There may be downtime(your site is not accessible for a certain period during a months time) for  hours. There is no guaranteed uptime.
Some hosts not agree with you to use your own domain name. Sub domain doesn’t looks attractive.
It might be available free only for a limited period.
So it is much wiser to choose a paid host.

Content is the King:

Your website may be of any number of pages or about any topic. The important thing is the content should more unique and interesting content will bring repetitive visitors to you website. Create content wisely and it should be interesting and searchable by most people in search engines. Write more and precisely. View about website content writing portion of this website to create interesting content.

Designing a website :

* Pay more attention towards your sites design. 
* Keep its look very simple and make it loading fastly in your visitor's browser .
* Don’t use images and graphics unless it is required. It will get your page loading slowly.
* Use colours wisely to give it a professional look.
* If you are not familiar with html, php or any website programming language, no problem. There are a lot of WYSIWYG website editors available free in the internet by using which you can make a website as you are dealing with a word file or DTP application. You may use Ms Frontpage or Adobe dreamweaver.
* Use the numerous free pre-designed website templates available for you in the web.
* Make sure the design of your website expose the content of your website clearly.
* Design your website in a manner that navigation amongst the pages is easy.
* After creating your website with the help of your computer, you have to upload all your websites’s files to your web host’s server. Make the title or name of your website’s home page file as index.html or index.htm, to make your website visible for the rest of the world. Now when a visitor types the domain name or url of your website in his browser’s address bar, your website start loading and your thoughts and ideas are getting exposed for the internet’s viewers or netizens to be used.

To know "How to bring traffic" and making revenue with your website, Navigate to other pages of this site.

Make Money Online From Advertising revenue From your Website

If you have a website with visitors you can make substantial revenue from it by displaying context sensitive advertisement. If you don't have a website, no problem. Just keep reading this site. You can build a one easily.The topic we are going to discuss is popularly known as PPC or pay per click advertising. You will get paid for each and every click your ads receive from your visitors. 

What is PPC advertising?
Advertisers make money by receiving visitors to their sales pages and websites and you are selling the space in your website to place their ads and transferring your visitors to their websites. 

How it works?

Visitors arriving to your website for a particular nature information, you are displaying ads related to the content of the page. If the visitor got interested in the ads displayed, he clicks and visits the advertiser’s website and the advertisers get benefit by converting that visit into sale. He pays the PPC program that offers that ad and the PPC program pays you per click. Thus it is a successful campaign for all the four (You, PPC program, Your visitor and the advertiser).

How can you implement it in your websites?

It is always free join these PPC programs and they will present you with various ad formats and the code for executing that formats. You then have to paste that (java script) code anywhere between the tags of your website. Depending upon the keywords of that page, relavant ads are displayed in that page matching its content.

What are the programs available and profitable?

There are a huge number of programs available for you starting from 
Google’s Adsense. Some of those are,

YPN(yahoo publisher network),
payads etc.

There is also a modern trend arises named “Audio ads” and “Video ads” where you are getting paid per audio ad heard and per video ad displayed.

Which is the Best?

Without any doubt, Google Adsense is the best of all the available advertising campaigns in the Internet. Only with adsense you can display most context sensitive ads and it is the one which is paying you high per click when compared to others.

This site also recommends Adsense. View detailed information about, “How to create a website" , "bringing in visitors" and "SEO" in other sections of this website.

Making Money From Forex Trading

Foreign currency exchange market (or) Forex Market is the the largest trading market in the world with trades amounting more than Three (3) Trillion US Dollars every day. It is a process of buying and selling currencies at the same time simultaneously. Millions and millions of people making huge money every day using this currency trading market.

Forex trading shortly and popularly referred as FX. It is process of buying and selling currencies of two countries in pair. To be explained in simple words, it is a process of investing money on economically fluctual  value of currency of one nation against another. Normally firms or websites being
the medium for forex trading presents you with a software by which your trading process being carried out and recorded. At some places it is carried out by phone.

E.g.: US Dollar / Euro. During the time of this page has been created, 1 Euro = 1.31 US Dollars. Here the First currency USD is called the Base Currency and the Second One Euro is the Quote or Counter Currency. When the time one invests on USD against Euro and if there is a slight  increase in the value of USD against Euro, say 1 Euro = 1.28 USD, then he gains profit respective of the amount invested.

Advantages of FX:

* One can make huge profits than other investing platforms.
* Unlike Stock market, your profits and losses are decided by your own mind here.
* The market is highly liquid, as said earlier, more than 3 trillion USD has been the turn over.
24 hours of trading possibilities.
* Equal prospective rising and falling in currency values.
* Virtually possible to trade from anywhere in the world and any currency.
* High margin of profit and ability of trading available even for small investments and for small currency fluxes.
* To succeed with forex trading one needs a lot evaluation and analysis over the current market fluctuations in currencies of various nations. Fluctuations are depending upon manu social political and regional factors. Also one should wisely invest on the currencies by having choice of better possible profits.

Even though  it is one of the highly risky investments, one can master and make more and more using Forex Trading(FX). Good luck.


Making Money from Paid Online Surveys

What are paid online surveys?

There are a lot of paid survey companies conducting market surveys for companies who are selling products and consumer goods. For producing and improving their products, companies needs to know the public’s and consumer’s opinions about their products and services, which helps in analyzing the consumer needs, market trend and qualitative analysis.

Why you are getting paid?

You are paid by the companies who are conducting the surveys for the time you spend to answer a few questions
about a particular field, service or product. Most of the companies pays you by cash and sometimes with prize rewards or sweepstakes.

What are the types of surveys available?

The types of surveys conducted mostly are online questionnaires, telephone surveys, participating online focus groups and sometimes mystery shopping.

How can you become eligible to get paid?

The survey companies first of all collecting personal details about you such as, you name, occupation, company you are working for, your interests, you field of expertise, no. family members and the nature of consumer products and households you are using everyday in the name of a profile survey. Depending upon these details and the basic eligible standards created and expected by the company for which the survey is taken, you are become eligible for undertaking a survey.

When you are eligible for an available market survey, the survey companies call you attend a survey usually by email. During the survey you have been asked a series of questions related to a particular product or service and your eligibility to get paid for a survey depends on the amount of time you are sparing for a survey, the relevancy of your answers to their need and the nature of your profile survey. After it is decided that you have completed the survey successfully, you are eligible to be paid the amount pre-decided.

The following are the tips or secrets to get successful monthly earnings with the help of paid online surveys :

* Join a reliable survey company.
* Most of these survey companies are free to join. So don’t waste your money to pay them unless you are quite sure about the reliability of them.
* No need to provide all your personal details as it is, unless you are willing to.
* Pay more attention towards creating an effective and efficient Profile Survey, which is going to be the important factor for you being frequently asked for surveys and your success point.
* Create a separate email account for these survey companies and make sure you check your mails often.
* At the start possibly attend all the available surveys at any cost to prove that you are a reliable survey taker.
* Visit the website of the survey companies to check any other survey is available that you have not been called for or missed to be called.
* Use an effective software such as an automatic form filler to complete the surveys in quicker time.
* Join more than one survey company at a time to keep yourself earning and using your idle time effectively.
* During the time of your taking survey, answer carefully and wisely by understanding, for what reason the survey is being taken and who will be the expected survey answerer.
* Don’t answer controversially for two surveys taken by the same company even the anchor company for whom the surveys are taken varies. For example if you answer that ‘you have two children’ for one survey and ‘three’ for another, then you are considered as an unreliable survey taker and it will result in the termination of your account.

By using all these tips you can earn a successful residual income by sitting at home and working for only a few hours a day, at your comfort. Good luck.